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Spine Shape Sensing

Posture, Back Pain, Sports

The measurement of the spine shape is a very exciting field of application as it can offer a wide range of customer benefits. From daily posture correction and diagnosis of back pain to motion analysis in sports activities such as strength training, yoga, horse riding, golf and much more. Currently, measuring the shape of the spine is one of our main applications for the FlexTail.

Digital Ruler

Measure any curved shape

The FlexTail could soon also be part of the standard equipment of a toolbox and help to measure any curved shape quickly and easily. Just put it on, press the button and everything is digitized. Without notepad and pencil. A concrete field of application would be, for example, the measurement of pipe bends.

Virtual Reality

For digital interaction

Virtual Reality is also a very promising and exciting field of application. The digital human-machine interaction always requires intelligent sensors that can accurately record different body movements. Our FlexTail technology could play a key role in this field of application.


For digital interaction

In robotics, the use of FlexTails is well imaginable in order to control motion kinematics with many degrees of freedom, for example. The advantage over conventional measuring systems could be the low-cost, lightweight and ultra-flat nature of the FlexTail, which allows a high integration density.

Your Application

Any other idea?

What do you think if you take a look at our FlexTail technology? Is there something we don't have in mind with our example applications or even completely different new application ideas? We are extremely open for any new ideas and partnerships.


Get in touch

No matter what you have in mind right now, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We gladly invite you to discuss your most pressing challenges with us – may it be your never ending back pain, technological questions or a new idea to use our FlexTail. Let’s connect!