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Our Vision

Product developer based on printed flexible sensor technology

MinkTec strives to manufacture its own products on the basis of printed flexible sensor technology. The company intends to build up as much know-how as possible internally, in order to be able to develop perfectly tailored products. The services offered should also help other developers to create their own products on the basis of MinkTec's expertise without having to compete.

Our Roots

Spin-off from the Institute of Microtechnology

The idea of a spin-off company in the field of flexible sensors against back pain was born at the Institute of Microtechnology (TU Braunschweig) and is based on the technology of a baby respiration monitoring patch as described in the doctoral thesis of Eugen Koch. Together with Martin Schwerter and Benjamin Holmer, the spin-off was put into practice within the framework of a scholarship for founders (Exist Gründerstipendium, BMWi). The MinkTec GmbH was finally founded in February 2019 and is now managed by Benjamin Holmer and Martin Schwerter.

Our Name

MinkTec - smart. active. agile. - like a Mink

The name MinkTec is derived from the lively little animal Mink. It is a marten species that is considered to be very smart, active and agile. We have made these characteristics our motto and combine them with our flexible sensor technology and the qualities of our team. Furthermore, the .com URL for this name was still available ;)

Our Team

Dr.-Ing. Martin Schwerter

Engineering, Prototyping and Test

Martin is the inventor in the team who takes on every technical challenge, such as sensor development, micro controllers and programming. He did his PhD in Mechatronics at the Institute of Microtechnology (TU Braunschweig). According to "TTI Success Insights", he is patient and responsible, creatively implementing new ideas and he is able to focus intensively on details.

M. Sc. Benjamin Holmer

Finance, Marketing & Sales

Benjamin is the networker in the team. As an industrial engineer (TU Braunschweig) he looks at both the technical and the business side of things and contributes ten years of sales experience to the success of the team. According to "TTI Success Insights" he is optimistic, confident and usually has a lot of sense of humor.


Join us

To master all these exciting tasks we will need a lot of support in the future. At the moment we are increasingly looking for software development support. You will find interesting tasks in the areas of app development, cloud storage, machine learning, desktop data evaluation and more. The tasks are also very suitable for student work. So get in touch if you feel addressed.



Get in touch

No matter what you have in mind right now, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We gladly invite you to discuss your most pressing challenges with us – may it be your never ending back pain, technological questions or a new idea to use our FlexTail. Let’s connect!