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Our Technology

Printed flexible sensors for 3D-shape sensing

The young start-up MinkTec is developing a flexible sensor strip, the so-called FlexTail, which can measure its own shape and display it on any device. The use of printing technologies enables an extremely cost-effective and robust sensor system that offers a wide range of possible applications.

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Possible Applications

The FlexTail can be used in many ways

The FlexTail is useful wherever curvatures play a role: it can be used for spine shape sensing to correct posture, as a digital ruler for measuring curved objects, as an input device to control virtual-reality (VR) applications, or even for motion control in robotics.

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No matter what you have in mind right now, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We gladly invite you to discuss your most pressing challenges with us – may it be your never ending back pain, technological questions or a new idea to use our FlexTail. Let’s connect!