Our Mission

The shirt that tracks your posture 24/7

The high-tech start-up MinkTec has developed the first sensor-shirt to detect the shape of the spine 24/7. For this purpose, we have developed a suitable app that alerts the user to their posture in real time and shows them a daily overview of their posture. In addition, we evaluate our users’ data in order to research the causes of non-specific back pain using sophisticated deep learning algorithms.

Possible Applications

The FlexTail can be used in many ways

The heart of our sensor shirt is a flexible sensor strip, the “FlexTail”, which can measure its own shape and display it on any device. The FlexTail is useful wherever curvature plays a role: It can not only be used to detect the shape of the spine to correct posture, but also as a digital ruler to measure curved objects, as an input device to control virtual reality (VR) applications, or even to control motion in robotics. The use of printing technologies enables an extremely cost-effective and robust sensor system that offers a wide range of possible applications.