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For 3D-shape sensing

Our FlexTail is a foil-based, flexible sensor strip that allows directional measurement of bending. Combining multiple cleverly arranged strain sensors with a proprietary evaluation algorithm the FlexTail enable a real reconstruction of the strip shape. The sensor is fabricated by screen printing, which allows a very cost-effective mass production.


Already available

The technical functional principle of shape reconstruction has already been successfully demonstrated. Our prototype is a 60 cm long sensor strip with 28 individual measuring points and can be shortened as required. It contains a wireless data transmission and a battery powered supply for measurements of approx. 48 hours. An integrated vibration motor can be used to provide feedback for real-time spine shape tracking.


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No matter what you have in mind right now, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We gladly invite you to discuss your most pressing challenges with us – may it be your never ending back pain, technological questions or a new idea to use our FlexTail. Let’s connect!