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Sensor development

We offer a broad and deep knowledge in the field of sensor development. Both microtechnical sensor development through the spin-off from the Institute for Microtechnology as well as the current sensor development in the field of printed electronics, especially via screen printing. This includes electronics engineering & programming, sensor concept & design, sensor fabrication & characterization, as well as data transmission & visualization.

Printed Electronics

Prototyping for you

The company owns a screen printing machine (SIRIMAC 6080E) and can develop and manufacture prototypes for customers if required. The standard process includes a PET substrate (50 - 200 µm thickness) with a maximum printable size of 60x80 cm. A unique feature is that we can print and contact both sides of the film (vias). Conductive and resistive pastes based on silver and carbon are used. There is also access to an inkjet printer at the Institute of Microtechnology (Pixdro LP50).


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No matter what you have in mind right now, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We gladly invite you to discuss your most pressing challenges with us – may it be your never ending back pain, technological questions or a new idea to use our FlexTail. Let’s connect!